Babanakkas Period Tezhip Course


Course dates;

6th July, Wednesday 6-8pm (BST)

13th July, Wednesday 6-8pm (BST)

20th July, Wednesday 6-8pm (BST)

27th July, Wednesday 6-8pm (BST)


Babanakkas was the head Nakkas (Artist) of the Ottoman Palace at Fatih Sultan Mehmet Period in the 15th Century. Baba Nakkas has given this period his name with his new styles and techniques.

The fig leaves, different mushroom motifs and flowers like Lily were used by Baba Nakkas both in Tezhip and on ceramics such as bowls, jugs, and vases.


This course starts with a presentation explaining and showing history of the art in this period. Students will analyse Babanakkas motifs, learn how to draw and use them in the shamse designs step by step. They will also see some samples on ceramic designs as well. At the end of the course, students will have a portfolio of different designs and samples.In the second half of the workshop one of shamse designs will be painted step by step. They will practice motif paintings and suitable outlining techniques.

You can find the samples of this work in the pictures.


*No previous art experience required* . This course is suitable for both beginners and experienced attendees.

This course will be held in zoom online platform, it is a recorded class. You will be able to watch recordings till 4 weeks after the course.

It will be an interactive course like a classroom atmosphere. The class sizes are limited with 10 people.

A couple days before the lesson you will get an invite email with the login information.


Required Equipment and Materials

Watercolour Paper (300gsm) both A4 and A3 sizes

A4 Paper (copy paper)

Tracing paper

Mechanical Pencil

A ruler



Gouache Paint (White and one of the following; Red, Green, or Blue)

000, 0, 1 Paint Brush


Babanakkas Period in Tezhip