"Blue Leaves"


This original piece is free hand drawn and painted. It is in classical tezhip style painted with watercolour.


Created using delft blue watercolour paint on illustration board.


The painting is in approx 30x40 cm frame in this picture. Due to the convience of shipping it comes unframed. 


This art type is called Baba Nakkash style in Tezhip.

Babanakkas was the head Nakkas (Artist) of the Ottoman Palace at Fatih Sultan Mehmet Period in the 15th Century. Baba Nakkash has given this period his name with his new styles and techniques.

The fig leaves, different mushroom motifs and flowers like Lily were used by Baba Nakkas both in Tezhip and on ceramics such as bowls, jugs, and vases.


Please note the colour may vary slightly due to the nature of photography.


If you are outside of the UK, Europe, USA and Canada please contact me for shipping information.

Due to the current travel and customs restrictions due to Covid-19 I have to check the ability and cost to ship to other countries.

"Blue Leaves" without frame