Online Beginner Tezhip Course


Course dates;

10th August, Wednesday 6-8pm (BST)

17th August, Wednesday 6-8pm (BST)

24th August, Wednesday 6-8pm (BST)

31st August, Wednesday 6-8pm (BST)


Art of Illumination/ Tezhip, which means ornamenting with gold, is a traditional artform originally used for decorating precious books and manuscripts.


This interactive course will start with an overview of the history and origins of the art. Attendees will learn step by step traditional stylized floral motifs (hatai, gonca, penc etc) and fundamentals of how to design an illuminated “Shamsa” composition which means “sunburst”. Then, they will finish their work using traditional painting, outlining and illumination brush techniques including Classical Tezhip style.


Attendees will receive hand-outs, weekly homework, and feedbacks throughout the duration of the course to track improvement.


This course will be held in zoom online platform, it is a recorded class and recordings will be available to watch after the class for 4 weeks.


A couple days before the lesson you will get an invite email with the login information.

Required Equipment and Materials


A4 Paper

Tracing paper


Brush (Size 000 and 0) My recommendation is Winsor and Newton 7 series sable brushes

A4 size paperboard/ watercolour paper (300gsm)



Gouache paints, white, yellow, red, blue, green, black, gold

Online Tezhip Course for Beginners