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Under the Sun
Reflection and Illumination
Luck Clover
The beginning of shell gold
Koi Pool
The begining
Hi everyone, last 2 days to register for
Windsor Contemporary Art Fair
Sheaf of Wheat Series
Hour Glass
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Upcoming Events

  • The Golden Ratio
    14 Jan, 10:00 – 02 Apr, 17:00
    The Lightbox, Chobham Rd, Woking GU21 4AA, UK
    The Golden Ratio, also known as Phi, is a special number which can be seen across the universe from living systems to inanimate objects and from the micro to the macroscale. Through the Golden Ratio, Nagihan Seymour brings nature and the natural world to life in her designs.
  • Iznik Tile Painting Workshop
    18 Mar, 10:30 – 13:00
    The Lightbox, Chobham Rd, Woking GU21 4AA, UK
    Discover Iznik tiles pattern and learn the history of the classical Turkish art of tile painting from artist Nagihan Seymour. Iznik pottery is named after the town of Iznik in western Anatolia where it was first made. From the last quarter of the 15th century until the end of the 17th century, this
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