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Nagihan Seymour is a British Turkish artist specialised in Tezhip, the art of illumination and sacred geometry.


Although originally a materials engineer, she has been interested in art since her university years, studying traditional arts in her hometown of Istanbul.

Traditional manuscript illumination and ornamentation formed the main part of Nagihan’s studies, as her style developed she started to combine classic geometrical designs with illumination, whilst adding her own modern twist. This has allowed Nagihan to create her own unique style, whilst sticking to the traditional methods and rules.

Nagihan’s paintings are normally symmetrical designs consisting of naturalistic floral ornamentation or patterns with simple expression.

Gold is the main material used in the paintings complimented with acrylic, gouache and watercolour paints on handmade and treated papers.

Drawing inspiration from nature in the design process, one of the more challenging aspects of her works is to simplify and stylise the infinite complexity of the natural world and apply that in her patterns and designs.

She has recently moved to a new studio in Egham. Keep an eye out for upcoming open studio events.

If you are interested in purchasing and commissioning works of art  or taking part in workshops about Tezhip and manuscript illumination please click the button below.

Nagihan Seymour in her engineering days
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