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Although I have a masters degree in materials engineering, it is art that keeps my heart beating. 
I became interested in traditional Islamic arts  in 2008 in my home city of Istanbul, Turkey, where I was taught the tradition and techniques involved in the Tezhip discipline by Muzehhib Hanifi Dursun

Since  2015  I have been based in the UK and have continued creating my art here. I design and paint original Islamic paintings as well as applying my geometric and  pattern making knowledge in fabric designs.

I love making new designs and using complimenting colours to give them a soul.

Every aspect of the project  from first line of a drawing, until the final finished product is exciting to me. You can never know in the beginning, quite where the art will take you and  what the end result will be.

I believe that little things can make a big difference, and art can make peoples lives prettier and more colorful...

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