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Upcoming Events


Due to the current ongoing Covid-19 situation understandably some of the events below, including my upcoming solo exhibition, are currently delayed until further notice.


As soon as new dates are confirmed I will update you via this page and social media. 


Please all stay safe and look after each other.


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Negative Technique in Turkish Illumination

Negative painting technique, which is also known as double outlining, is one of the major painting styles in Turkish Illumination.

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7th November - 3.30-6.30pm UTC (GMT)

Online workshop via Zoom

Babanakkas Period Tezhip/Illumination Course

Babanakkas was the head Nakkas (Artist) of the Ottoman Palace at Fatih Sultan Mehmet Period in the 15th Century. Baba Nakkas has given this period his name with his new styles and techniques.. This is a 2 week workshop where we will analyse and practice the style.

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14th & 21st November - 3.30-5.30pm UTC (GMT)

Online workshop via Zoom

Munhani Style in Turkish Illumination

Munhani is one of the Art of Illumination/ Tezhip style. Its literal meaning is “curves” or “curvy lines”. The various components of Munhani motifs follow each in a layered approach such as bird feathers or fish scales. During this workshop, students will learn main key elements and rules to design a Munhani pattern

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28th November - 3.30-6.30pm UTC (GMT)

Online workshop via Zoom

Solo Exhibition: The Four Elements

In this exhibition, Nagihan Seymour brings together through her designs the classical elements, earth, water, air and fire, which were believed explain the nature and complexities of all matter.

The works include paintings and ceramics incorporating natural pigments and precious metals.



Re-scheduled to 2021, exact dates to be confirmed

The Lightbox, Chobham Road, Woking, GU21 4AA


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Sheaf of Wheat Series

Original Halkar & Geometry composition